Kim Kardashian: Hollywood review


“Changing your look and buying nice clothes can get you noticed by the media” – Who knew all this time it was that easy, thanks Kim!

I gotta admit, I downloaded this game out of pure interest, I mean, if Kim Kardashian West is launching a game, how can you NOT download it, right? …. Plus it’s currently listed as the top game in the iStore, so I basically had no choice.


I got sucked in you guys, pretty clothes and hair styles, you can even choose your nail colour! Plus I get to talk to Kim Kardash, and she’s saying I look “stylish”


And look at this guy, he’s all set up for my photoshoot!


 It was all fun and games till Kim said “You’re doing so well, you totally need a momager” and I cringed … CRINGED!

Also got a bit awkward when Kim set me up on a blind date with this guy … AKA wannabe Kanye West (can you see how unimpressed Lisa is?).


And sometimes you’ll bump into people who are totally mean, but maybe that’s Kims way of showing us how hard her life is because not everyone loves her…



All in all it’s pretty boring and repetitive, you run out of energy before you can complete one task (like working at the Dash store), and then you have to wait for more energy like on Candy Crush. Of course you could buy more energy if you enjoy making the real Kim Kardashian richer, but trust me you won’t get addicted to this, put the game down and go play Candy Crush, we all know you’re still trying to pass level 65.

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