Lush essentials for July


Winter is here and there’s nothing I love more than taking a hot bubbly bath in winter. Lush is my go to for bath time essentials, I’m a sucker for pink coloured bath water and sweet smelling soaps. This month in my Lush basket I’ve got …

1. Sex Bomb (R42.50) – Not only am I obsessed with the smell and the colour, but when you put this in water it spins around and around changing colour from pink to purple and leaves your skin smelling divine! Watch this video for the best Lush Sex Bomb review ever.

2. The Godmother (R39.50) – I used to be a Rock Star girl until I bought The Godmother. This is my all time favourite soap, used only on special occasions. It smells like raspberry flavoured jelly and fills your shower with it’s delicious sweet sent. This soap will make you look forward to your next shower and every time I smell it I say “ah! I wish I could eat this”.

3.  Aromaco Solid Deodorant (R65.50) – I actually bought this one out of curiosity, it smells lovely and even though it’s hard in your hand, you can feel it rub off onto your skin leaving it moisturised and smelling like  patchouli.

4. Gorgeous Face Moisturiser – I got this one in the Lush “Hello Gorgeous” gift boxes that you can buy, it retails for R695 for a big tub and I can agree with all the reviews when they say it’s real value for money. Gorgeous has this wonderful fresh smell that stays on your skin literally all day long. I’ve got this little guy in my make up bag for on-the-go touch ups and dry skin.

5. Vanilla Dee-Lite (R215) – This is a winter essential because it soothes and moisturizes skin, it also absorbs quickly which is perfect for winter when you’ve got to bundle up. Vanilla Dee-Lite will leave you smelling like a freshly baked cupcake on a cold winters morning.


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