My Rubybox this Month


This months Rubybox was the perfect beginning to July and there’s nothing more exciting than receiving one these and unwrapping it to discover an assortment of beauty treasures.



For those of you who don’t know about Rubybox, you pay a monthly subscription of R169 and in return receive a secret box of beauty items to the value of R250 or more. It’s the perfect way to discover top brands and new products and each box is customized to your beauty profile which you complete upon signing up.

This month Rubybox is highlighting some international brands from France, Sweden and Korea. I was happy with my box of little products when I first opened it and didn’t see a single thing that I didn’t like or couldn’t use.



1. Beaucience Botanicals Nourishing Hair conditioner
2. Lanolin Swedish Egg White Facial Soap
3. Woolworths Longlasting Lipstick in Red
4. Tip Top Quick Dry Nail polish


Beaucience Botanicals Nourishing Hair conditioner – R59.95

I have yet to try out this little guy and it smells amazing so I can’t wait to! Beaucience is a South African brand and is environmentally friendly and uses natural preservatives. This natural conditioner gives your hair the intensive nourishment and care that it needs.


Lanolin Swedish Egg White Facial Soap – R134.95

I’ve fallen in love with the soap and it’s scent. It says “rose-scented” which I can definitely smell and it reminds me of rose flavoured Turkish delight. As part of my morning beauty routine, I always wash my face with a very mild  Body Balance Aqueous Cream soap before I moisturize. This week I’ll be using this egg white facial soap and I’ll definitely go out and buy it if I see a noticeable improvement in my skin.


Woolworths Longlasting Lipstick in Red – R140

Do the Rubies know my soul? Have they been stalking all my instagram pictures or was this just a stroke of luck? Maybe they noticed when I ticked “Confident”, “Sexy”, “Chic” and “Empowered” in their online survey when they asked how I feel when I wear red lipstick. ANYWAY this one is a keeper, I probably would have never tried this lipstick if it weren’t for Rubybox. I’m a MAC girl through and through but this lipstick has made it to my “must have” list. It moisturizes and really is longlasting – but what I love about it is that even when it washes or wipes off, it still leaves your lips a perfect subtle shade of red.


Tip Top Quick Dry Nail polish – R74.95

This is a must have for every nail painter out there. This is the gift you buy for the girl you don’t know so well, but still like to get her something she’ll use. This Tip Top nail polish is great because it’s quick drying and leaves your nails super shiny and even if you’re not someone who likes to paint their nails, this top coat can be used to strengthen your natural nail and give it a polished look.



2 thoughts on “My Rubybox this Month

  1. Hi there – could you please tell me where I could buy the Lanolin Swedish Egg White Facial Soap? I have been looking all over and would really love it if you could help. Thanks 🙂

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