Fancy a cup of Tea?


Did someone say it’s time for tea? Tea is my ultimate winter beverage so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Teapigs! With so many different and incredible flavours to choose from, I couldn’t help but fall in love. Imported from the UK and made with 100% natural products, I can honestly say that this brand of tea is delicious and there’s a flavour for everyone!


The packaging of this tea has won my heart with it’s cute doodles, fun pictures and sweet sayings. Each tea temple can make at least two cups of tea and each flavour is unique with it’s own history and background story.


Tonight I’m sipping on the last of my Chocolate Flake Tea, this yummy tea flavour has a wonderful rich cocoa smell and is naturally sweet so I don’t even need to add sugar.


8 thoughts on “Fancy a cup of Tea?

  1. I’m a complete Teeoholic. A day is just NOT the same without a cuppa. If TEA can’t fix it, it is a SERIOUS PROBLEM.

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