In My Body Shop Basket

I always pop into the Body Shop (especially when they’re having a sale) to buy my essential body butter and shampoo. All their products undoubtedly smell amazing and leave you smelling great and feeling good!


1. Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo – R 85.00

There’s a reason this shampoo is always sold out when I go to buy it. Not that I suffer from dandruff or anything (although I do have the odd occasion because of my sensitive skin) but once I smelt this I was hooked – Ok, it just smells like ginger, but it’s so much more than that. This shampoo is heavenly with extracts of honey and will leave your hair looking fresh and clean, I’m even confident enough to use this without using conditioner, it’s that moisturizing.

2. Strawberry Body Butter – R 140.00

In Summer this is my everyday body lotion and in winter I use it on my arms and neck. If you haven’t smelt or tried this strawberry goddess then what have you been doing with your life? This is my fave and what’s great about this body butter is that it lasts long so you don’t mind spending money on it, plus it will make you and your clothes smell like strawberry deliciousness.

3. Rainforest Balance Shampoo – R85.00

No silicones, no sulphates, no parabens and no colourants, need I say more??? This shampoo cleanses and reduces excess oil in your hair which helps your hair to look cleaner for longer. I usually always buy a shampoo from their Rainforest range. The consistency of this shampoo is a bit different to the Ginger Anti Dandruff and other shampoos because it doesn’t contain sulphates, it also foams less but I’ve found that I don’t need to use as much shampoo and that it washes out easily without leaving residue.

4. Passion Fruit Body Butter – R 99.00

I first smelt this when my friend used it and that following weekend I went out to get it – now it’s on my “must-have” list. It smells like passion fruit and you’ll walk around all day smelling like a passion fruit cocktail if you put this on. I can’t wait for summer so I can give my strawberry body butter a break and only use this one. PS: For those who haven’t tried the Body Shop Body Butters yet, they’re all super moisturizing so you don’t need a large amount to moisturize your legs or arms and it’s great value for money (especially when they’re on sale).

5. Mango whip

Mango is always a goodie, and I got this little guy as gift from my boyfriends sister in Switzerland. It’s a whip and not a body butter so it’s light and absorbs easily – I’ll definitely look out for this if I find myself in a European Body Shop again. This mango smell is so yummy!

6. Cranberry Joy Heart Soap – R 40.00

My heart is broken (ironic because this soap is heart shaped) because I found out that this soap is only available during the Christmas festive season so now I’ve got to wait months just to buy it again. This cute shaped heart soap is a bundle of cranberry smelling joy and is far too small for my liking, I couldn’t get enough of this and to top it all off, it’s got these small walnut shell granuals, perfect for exfoliating. Christmas needs to come quickly so I can buy a few of these in bulk!


In an attempt to remain sane until Christmas, I bought the Body Shops Chocomania Soap – R 40.00. This soap smells like a rich, creamy cup of hot chocolate and also contains exfoliating granuals (yay!) but these granuals are much bigger than the ones in the Cranberry Joy soap, so be careful with it around sensitive areas. I have to admit this soap leaves my legs feeling amazing in winter, it helps to wake up your skin and leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother.

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