TRACE is the New Black!


This past weekend I tried out this yummy and some what disturbing Black water. I usually always have a bottle or glass of water close by, at home we’ve even taken it a step further and bought one of those mini water coolers with the plastic cups because who doesn’t love a nice glass of filtered water, chilled to perfection…right?


This TRACE fulvic black water isn’t exactly black, it’s the colour of Coca Cola but tastes just like water to me. I started off saying it’s disturbing because your brain almost tricks you into thinking you’re tasting something else, like charcoal or the fulvic minerals but after drinking this and then drinking normal water, I realized there’s no difference.


Although it tastes just like water, this little black bottle of coolness contains minerals which helps with muscle performance, hydration and is packed with anti-oxidants – it’s literally vitamin water!!


Best served chilled and shaken on black ice (joking). You can find this TRACE black water at the Wellness Warehouse or other selected stores for R12.99. So go one better and take a sip of the dark side.


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