Violent Eyes – Tutorial


I can’t get enough of Violent Lips and Violent Eyes, and the Glitteratti collection is the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your life (literally). These temporary eye appliqués are really simple to apply and last up to 4 hours (I never wanted to take mine off!).

To apply you’ll need…
– Scissors 
– Mirror
– Cotton ball
– Water

Step 1
Make sure your eyelids are clear of any oils or moisture. Choose which set of eye’s you’d like to apply and cut out that section.


Step 2
Pop out your Violent Eyes.


Step 3
Measure your Violent eyes from the outside in, and use guidelines to cut the Violent Eyes so that they fit the shape of your eyelid.


Step 4
Peel away the plastic film revealing the sticky part of the Violent Eyes


Step 5
Apply sticky side of the Violent Eye to eyelid.


Step 6
Wet cotton ball and apply to the back part of your Violent Eyes, like you would do when applying a temporary tattoo – make sure that you don’t leave any dry spots.


Step 7
Carefully peel away the back paper, revealing your Violent eyes and seal with water.


And that’s it! I added a bold cat eye and some lashes to make to silver glitter really pop.



I’ve got 3 double sets of Violent Lips and Violent Eyes to give away, to enter …

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Winners will be announced on the 01/08/2014

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