Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014


Last week my bestie and I got all dressed up and went to fashion week to see the Danielle Margaux show, with front row seats and sweet treats from J.C. Le Roux – we couldn’t have asked for better.


All of Danielle’s clothing were beautiful and flowy, and made me miss summer. Her looks were simple colours, light pinks and blues and white, with striking red dresses in the mix. I loved the Japanese inspired fabric she used and how feminine her clothes are – the kind of clothes that make you want to play dress up like a little girl.




In my opinion her red flowy dresses stole the show, though it’s tough to decide which is my favourite because I fall in love with all of them whenever I look at these pictures.



Next up, was a collection called “Selfi” which had the cutest video intro. (yes, I tried to find the video for this blog post but had no luck)


photo 5

After the show we hung around for a bit in the bar area, snapped some pictures at the banner wall, admired the girls having their make-up done at the MAC station and looked through some of the clothes on display.


On a serious note though, how cute is my bestie?

photo 1

For Fashion Week I kept things simple, black and white with a pop of red for colour!


Afterwards we went for sushi at the V&A Waterfront and I came home to share my bubbly with my boyfriend – didn’t share the cupcake though, that baby was all for me!

Ps: I’m only ever eating champagne cupcakes again for the rest of my life.


To see the show you can watch these AFI TV videos:

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