Rain when there’s rain


You know how I’m all about that taking-a-bath-while-it-rains-outside-life right? Well, I recently discovered Rain, a wonderful little store at the V&A Waterfront – and now I’m obsessed with all their amazing and affordable bath salts and body scrubs.

1. Rockmint bath salts – R79 for 1kg

Rockmint is a cooling bath therapy which reduces redness and calms irritation and itchiness. I fell in love at first smell! These bath salts have a very strong spearmint smell and when you use it in the bath your whole bathroom becomes filled with it’s wonderful minty scent, perfect if you’ve got the flu or feeling congested. But these aren’t my fave just for the smell, these bath salts contain Epsom salts and Peppermint Essential Oils  which softens the water and your skin and you can definitely feel this when you get out of the bath, it’s amazing!

2. Cellulite body scrub – R15 for 200 grams

I bought this one a whim! I saw it just as I was walking out of the store and lets just say the words “cellulite scrub” grabbed my attention. Rain has a few body scrubs all for different things and then you’re meant to pair them with an essential oil to mix and use as a scrub, but I bought the scrub dry. When mixed with coconut oil it smells divine and works so well, perfect for exfoliating in winter and contains sugar cane granules to polish and buff your skin.

3. Mint bath/shower fizz – R16 each

These were too cute not to buy, with a fresh minty smell (a lighter smell compared to the Rockmint) they fizz around in the bath and leave you feeling less stressed and refreshed. You can also use this in your shower, place it by your feet and let the warm water run over it, the minty fizz is relaxing and you’ll leave your shower smelling great!


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