100 oysters with the Oyster King

UntitledA few weeks ago I won a complimentary visit from the Oyster King AND 100 oysters!! So I arranged a little get together with family and friends and had the Oyster King over, along with lot’s of champagne and other treats.


The whole Oyster King experience is so much fun! Seriously, he arrives all kitted out, with everything you need right down to napkins on his belt. And it’s all pretty simple, he walks around opening oysters for guests and then you get to choose how you want it, just with lemon or with Tabasco?

I’ve never had oysters before and I can definitely say that after my Oyster King experience, I’m hooked. Some of guests fell in love with the taste (and the Oyster King with his British accent) and I had a few whispers in my ear saying “get him to come past my way again” 


After we all polished off 100 oysters (sounds crazy, but we did), the Oyster King stayed around for a bit – turns out there’s more than just the Oyster King, there’s the Macaron Queen, the Cake Pop Queen, the Sushi Queen and so much more, check it out here.

I can definitely recommend that you hire the Oyster King if you’re looking for a way to impress guests or just if you want some extra fun and excitement to an event. Alternatively you can follow him on Twitter or Facebook and see where he’ll be next so you can try out some of his delicious oysters.


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