#OOTD – August is for flowers

With spring on it’s way, I can’t help but obsess over flowers. I simply love making my own flower crowns and I’ve worn flowers in my hair at least once a week throughout this month.


#OOTD: I’ve had this flowy floral dress for a while now and have been saving it for when we finally go to Greece one day, but last week the sun was out and it was just too pretty to keep hidden in my closet.


 I let my hair dry on it’s own so it would have a bit of volume and used my favourite purple flowers to create my crown. See TheBeautyDepartment.com for flower crown tutorial.



These flowers are actually perfect for wearing in your hair, they’re very sturdy (unlike roses) and I was able to twist and turn them without worrying that they would break. Purples and dark pinks are great colours for people with dark hair, while white and light pink flowers are great for people with blonde hair. 

With spring just around the corner I can’t wait to make more these crowns and mix and match different colours and sizes.


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