August Rubybox

This month Rubybox is celebrating women and providing them with a little TLC. I’ve discovered two new favourites this month – Rubybox Beauty Smooch Stick and Africology Body Butter – products that I normally wouldn’t buy so I have Rubybox to thank for sending me these.



First up is Rubybox Beauty Smooch Stick in Latte Limbo (R129.95). I always wear pinks and reds when it comes to lip colour, so this rich nude “latte” colour wouldn’t normally be my first choice. This smooch stick has got this great moisturizing/glossy effect and I’ve received a few compliments while wearing it and now I can’t go without it. It’s the perfect match for a smokey eye or a day time office look.


At first I was sad at how small this body butter was and then I discovered that a little goes a long way when it comes to Africology Body Butters (R265.00). This has a strong rooibos and aloe vera smell and is one of the most moisturizing body butters I have ever used (and this is coming from a girl who has tried one too many body shop body butters). Come rain or sunshine this body butter will do the job and leave you smelling great. I’ve been using it on my elbows for the past few days and it’s really been helping with my dry skin.


Dr Myers Skin Save Hydra Serum (R349.95). My first thoughts were “ooohhh fancy”, this serum helps smooth the texture of your skin, restores moisture, and deeply hydrates. I’ve been on the Dr Myers website recently and everything there looks so futuristic and cool. I’m obsessed with the packaging and the pink soap that they also offer.


Last up is Rubybox Tools Dual Sharpener (R29.95). Every girl needs at least one or two of these. I love that it catches pencil shavings preventing mess and it’s perfect for my new latte smooch stick.

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