ghd Aura launch

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‘A hair dryer to create looks, not just to dry.’

I was very excited when I was invited to this ghd launch. I know everything ghd is pure excellence, and couldn’t wait to experience what this new hairdryer would be like. When I got to the launch, the first thing they handed me along with the chic information pack, was a delicious ghd cookie. So you could say it was love right from the start.


The launch venue was beautiful, a really open room filled with light and glass walls with a clear view of the city outside. And several super cute displays of ways to “get rid” of your current hairdryer: something they assured us we would all want to do once we heard about the Aura.


We arrived just after a rainstorm: prime frizz hour! It was as if the ghd people orchestrated it this way. We were all extra-keen to try out and hear all about the wonders of the Aura.

Here’s the deal: even if you aren’t a girl who spends an hour every morning drying her hair, or someone who gets her hair done at the salon every week, this hair dryer will *revolutionize* your life. It’s been one day and I already can’t imagine my life with out it.

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♡ The first revolutionary aspect is the Cool Wall Technology. Did you know your average hair dryer can get up to 126 degrees after prolonged use? Not your problem anymore! There’s a ring of cool air that comes out around the heat.

This means the outside is cool to the touch, even when you’re doing your roots. No more painful moments pretending your stylist isn’t burning your ears! (Everyone sing Hallelujah!) This also means that your style is immediately locked in place by the cool air.

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♡ It is so quiet! 60% quieter than your current hairdryer to be exact! Even on its highest setting, the Aura sounds like my hair dryer on the lowest. You can talk at your normal volume and be heard easily. Perfect if you’ve got a baby in the house or, if you’re like me and get so caught up in CSI: NY that you only really have time to wash your hair after midnight.

♡ 17% less energy consumption. I’m all about dat saving the environment life!

♡ No more turbulent air. No more flyaway chaos when you aim the nozzle at your head. The air comes out as sleek and in a straight flow as your hair will be: one stream focused in the section it’s aimed. It’s crazy to watch! And beautiful.

♡ There’s a 4m long cord, with a power supply box in the cord (like your laptop has) which makes the dryer lighter in weight. I guess the only downside is that blow-drying your hair will no longer qualify as a morning work out.

♡ Advanced ionizing technology removes static electricity and frizz, to leave your hair extra smooth. And the Laminair technology will leave your hair 38% more shiny than any other hair dryer. Who doesn’t want more shine!


You can grab your own GHD Aura in stores for R2199 in April 2015. The GHD marketing team says they’ve got an exciting Christmas promotion coming in November where you’ll be able to buy one at your hair salons, but until then: Your hairstylists can have it now! So call up your girl at Carlton, and let her know you’re coming in to try out the magic of the Aura.


Just before I left, I had some treats and made a mental note to pick one of the suggested methods to get rid of my current hairdryer. Did you say the dog did it? I wouldn’t be surprised. Puppies can be so unpredictable! 



Words by Guest Writer: Andrea

     Follow her on twitter: @enchantedhappy
        or read her blog: Enchantedhappy

3 thoughts on “ghd Aura launch

  1. Pingback: Aura ♡ | enchantedhappy

    • Hi Sam! So sorry for missing your comment. Okay, so GHD has tried their best to improve their previous hair dryers with the Aura. The GHD Aura is much quieter and lighter than previous GHD hairdryers. The plus side to this one is it’s cooling system that helps “set” your style and also prevents you from burning yourself. It’s pretty cool and I’m super keen to get it when it comes out next year, it’s definitively something to save up for 😉

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