A Sneak Peek of Forever21

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Forever 21 has always been a faraway magical dreamland that I never thought I’d shop at. Friends have brought me pretty Forever 21 clothes from America and I treasured them like prize possessions. Behold, my time to shine has come! Forever 21 is here and it’s a treasure chest of fashion in all best ways!

The store is huge. It’s not a place you can ‘run in’ and have a look. It’s the kind of place you go inside while you send your boyfriend to Spur and tell him to order so long. You’ll meet him there when you’re done! (And your food will be there already)

The main thing to know about the Forever 21 shopping experience: If you see something you like, buy it. Right then. The Forever 21 team is very excited about the idea that you won’t find the same thing twice, and you won’t own the same dress as five hundred other girls. Because they’re only bringing in limited amounts of each item. This ‘buy it now’ concept both terrifies and excites me. Mostly excites. But also terrifies. No, excites!!!

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Before I even begin to gush about the clothing: know that you will need time in the accessories section. You’ll want to buy floral hairbrushes, eyelash curlers and make up brushes to match! (All around R60) There’s a wall of hair bows, rows of earrings and an even bigger wall of embellished necklaces.

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The second concept that I love about the store is that it’s divided into looks for different girls: A bohemian girl, a preppy girl, the grunge rocker, the pastel floral princess.. But there’s a piece for everyone in each section even if that’s not necessarily ‘You’ – Which is why I say, if you spend time in all the corners of the store, you’ll find gold.

The first look is Safari Girl. She’s a writer or an artist with a charismatic personality. She’s into jumpsuits and tribal prints and is not afraid to try bold exotic looks. She seems fearless and passionate, and always looks stylish.

photo 1 (2)
The ‘Heritage Girl’ section is filled with cute college-inspired looks. It’s an All-American red, white & blue situation. Picture a girl in thick-rimmed glasses, with a messy sidebraid, who is always carrying textbooks. She’s the cute girl who wears knee highs and a bright knitted jersey over collared shirts. This section of the store is filled with stripes, Disney prints, sports jackets, polka dot jerseys, denim shorts, and blue flannel shirts.

photo 5

photo 2 (2)

 The Free Spirit is every girl at Rocking the Daisies. She’s into big daisy prints, dark floral dresses, soft printed leggings, and rock band-inspired t-shirts. I am totally and completely in love with these denim daisy shorts.

Fotor0912215235photo 12
‘Not so Basic’ is for the casual but stylish girl. Girls who want to look good and be comfortable. There’s long cotton dresses, jeans for just R149 and fun neon sports bras. This is the part of the store where you will fall in love with a dress or top and you can buy it in four different colors.

photo 2 (1)u

photo 5 (3)

The ‘Now girl’ is the put-together woman who works in events or in PR  and wants to be professional but stylish. It’s a corporate yet sporty look, with a sophisticated yet playful silhouette. At the moment it’s all royal blue & black and white, but who knows what will be there next week! My favorite part here is the unexpected tropical prints. I love how they’ve styled it with this striped blazer.

photo 2 (1)f

 The ‘Edgy girl’ is who we all become during that first week of summer vacation. The look is what I’d call a summer carnival. It’s acid wash, bright tie dye, neon swimwear, tank top slogans like ‘chill out’, Aztec prints, geometric shapes, and the thing I love most is a pink crop top that says ‘babe’

photo 4 (1)c

photo 5 (1)g

 The ‘Girly girl’ is where I would shop for spring. It’s filled with pretty clothes you could wear to weddings, first dates, and brunch with your girls. It’s romantic, classic and ladylike. There’s tiny pink florals, chiffon dresses, pencil skirts, and Feminine vintage silhouettes.

The Bohemian girl is my favorite. She’s Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner at Coachella this year. She’s independent, while her look is effortless and relaxed. She’s into layering light layers (kimonos this season) embellished shorts, tribal prints and statement jewellery, It’s a collection of earthy colors and jewel tones.

photo 1 (1)o

I really don’t usually enjoy Canal Walk; it’s so big that I almost always get lost and I don’t like unnecessary exercise. But my oh my, I will be back! And I definitely recommend you go, too! We’ll be going back the minute it opens: this Saturday at 9am. The first 300 people get prizes, see you in the line!


Words by Guest Writer: Andrea

     Follow her on twitter: @enchantedhappy
        or read her blog: Enchantedhappy

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