Short & Sweet with Hendrick’s Gin

25e52791eeadbc0af523b4b467f8290a.imgLast week Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the 4th season of Short & Sweet.
I’ve always seen pictures of people lounging on beanbags, eating popcorn in a quaint little cinema and wondered what it was all about, so thank you ButterKnifePR for the invite because it was beyond anything I could have ever imagined – I may totally be addicted to watching short indie films now.


The night displayed great artistic talent from beginning to end, with Hendrick’s Gin free flowing, along with popcorn and hot dogs from the outside food truck. The cinema itself was decorated with some impressive art work and the films shown were fun, creative and left us with a whole new respect for film makers.


If you book tickets trust me, you want to book the ones that include a Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic on arrival, they’re literally the best, plus the people serving Hendrick’s legit look like they’re from a different era, which makes the whole “getting a drink” situation so much fun.


My all time favourite short film was this … 

And what made it even better is that they created a room for everyone to go and try this “LED Graffiti” for themselves. So obviously this had to happen …


Lume: Lipstick Lifestyle from Lisa Marie Fortuin on Vimeo.

Overall Short & Sweet is a great way to spend your Tuesday night. It’s the perfect little after work treat with great drinks, good food and wonderful creative people.

You can book tickets at (and trust me, you wanna book your ticket’s early and online).


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