TRESemmé: 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray and Extra Control Salon Finish Mousse


I received these two TRESemme products a while ago and wanted to give them a good try before writing a review (spoiler: they’re amazing).

With summer on it’s way these two products are perfect for creating summer time beachy waves (without actually having to put your head underwater, amen to that!) and they both leave your hair looking clean and healthy with a gorgeous shine, which is an essential for summer time hair.

So let’s get into it…

Elegant black packaging with hints of pink, you have no idea how good these bottles look on my dressing table! The Finishing Spray curves inwards near the bottom, making it easy to hold and control (an important factor when applying hair spray), while the Salon Finish Mousse is taller and heavier, which just makes it feel like value for money, seriously, when I’m shopping and comparing hair mousse, I want the biggest, heaviest bottle I can find because then I’m confident that it will last me forever.

The Finishing Spray smells like hair spray with a light sweetness to the scent, while the Salon Finish Mousse smells divine! The first thing I noticed before I even put it on my hair, was how amazing it smelt, a very clean smell that you normally smell at the hairdresser. The smell of this hair mousse makes me never want to stop using it.

Around R70 each, which is in the region of what I spend on hair products and both of these are set to last you a while because you won’t be using it every 2-3 days like you use shampoo and conditioner. TRESemme also aims at bringing salon quality products to consumers. At the back of the bottle it speaks about how every woman deserves to look fabulous without having to spend a fortune and I agree 100%.

There are some serious plus sides to both products, let’s talk about the Salon Finish Mousse first, it provides maximum hold and long lasting body and shine, it’s also got a UV filter (perfect for summer) and pro-vitamin B5 to strengthen hair. It’s humidity resistant and protects hair against styling damage.

The Finishing Spray is light weight and lasts all day, it also humidity and damp resistant, and brushes out easily without leaving flakes or residue, in case you need to restyle your hair or change your look from day to night.

These two products are perfect for styling and make my hair look healthier and more lively. Bring on those beachy curls, because I’m totally ready for summer.


For more TRESemmé solutions, visit the TRESemmé Facebook page or go to for other useful styling tips.


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