Souletu Mobile Spa + Event

$_20Who wouldn’t want the wonderful and relaxing experience of a spa treatment right in the comfort of your own home? And at such an affordable rate!!

The Souletu Spa brings manicures, pedicures and massage therapies, straight to your home or work place, and they’re a great option for pamper parties, birthdays and weddings (or if you’re just looking to spoil yourself).

I absolutely love it when people come to me and I don’t have to worry about going to them. Whenever I have my hair done, my hairdresser comes over to my place and it’s just so much fun, we sit and drink coffee together and talk about life and I have my hair done, so it’s all pretty great. And let’s not forget about the Oyster King who is also mobile and comes over for events and dinner parties – so I’m very pro mobile businesses.

I love some of the things Souletu Mobile Spa has to offer, their “Ultimate Spa Party” is R150 per person for a Head, Neck and Shoulder massage, plus a basic manicure and pedicure (which is total value for money). Other interesting things that they offer is “Sugar Waxing” which is said to be more gentle on your skin, rejuvenating body treatments and Hot Stone and Swedish massages. For more information about what they do you can check out their website.

What I’m really excited for is their “Ultimate Pamper Party” happening on the 8th of November at the River Club. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Ultimate Pamper Party

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