Tea of the Day: Mao Feng Green Tea


Today I tried Teapigs Mao Feng Green Tea. I always just assumed it was like the normal green tea I drink every now and then, till I read what it said on the packaging…

This tea has a delicate natural taste of fresh summer air, peaches and apricots. The infusion will turn clear pale green.”

This tea is said to be the green tea for green tea haters because it doesn’t have that fish pond taste that some green tea’s tend to have. When I fist opened the packaging I could immediately smell it’s fruity flavour (it smells delicious) and it tastes exactly how it smells. And as usual with the teapigs temples you can see the green tea leaves inside the teabag unlike the usual dusty teabags you buy in a box. What I really loved about this tea is that there’s no bitter after taste and that the tea tastes as light and refreshing as it looks (no murky, strong green tea water that you sometimes get from leaving the bag in for too long).  


Great smell and a great taste and I could make two cups of tea with one teabag, but my all time favourite thing about this tea is the story behind it ….

A young man and a beautiful young woman from a tea plantation were in love, but the local tyrant seized her as his concubine. She escaped, only to learn that the tyrant had killed her lover. Finding his body deep in the mountains she wept and wept until she became the rain, while her lover’s body turned into a tea bush. Which is why, according to the legend, the area where Mao Feng tea grows is forever cloudy and humid the whole year round.”

This tea is special, unlike any other green tea on the market and if you’re in need of a make-over but can’t afford rehab, liposuction or Botox? Why not settle for a nice cuppa? You may have heard about the many reputed benefits of drinking green tea, ranging from weight loss to anti-ageing – which is way more fun than cosmetic surgery! 

You can purchase this Mao Feng Green Tea on the Teapigs website here

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