Tea of the Day: Teapigs Popcorn Tea


As you guys might have picked up, I’ve become some what of a Teapigs Ambassador these days. I get to test and try out some of their teas and I’m absolutely fascinated by all their wonderful flavours and the exceptional quality of their tea.

Whenever I find something I like or enjoy, I love sharing it here on my blog. That being said, I am in no means paid to say nice things about Teapigs and all my views are my own. I just really love their tea and enjoy writing reviews on it, so here’s what I think about one of their most talked about flavours.


Popcorn tea! I’ve been wanting to try this tea for so long now, so I’m glad I finally did. The story behind this tea is that back in the day, green tea was rather expensive and too pricey for your average Japanese peasant, so to make it go further they’d mix it with grains of toasted rice. From those humble beginnings this flavour has grown a tea that, in today’s Japan, is celebrated in its own right as Genmaicha tea – or to its friends, Popcorn tea. 

This tea smells and tastes exactly like popcorn, not your buttery sweet cinema popcorn, your homemade almost burnt, crispy popcorn. The taste is unlike anything else and this tea has gone on to be rated “Great Taste” for 2013.


This tea temple is also unique and clean (not like your dusty teabags you buy for R20 in the store) and I love that you’re able to see the little rice puffs and tea leaves. Many people say that the taste of this tea is similar to rice cakes, and that if you love eating rice cakes you’ll definitely enjoy this tea, however some have said that they did not enjoy it and that it’s an acquired taste. This tea for sure had me craving popcorn after drinking it, I love that it’s a green tea and it was just a nice and interesting taste. Plus how many people can say that they’ve tasted popcorn tea, so thank you Teapigs for sending this little tea temple my way.

If you’d like to try this tea then you can enter my Teapigs Sample Giveaway before the competition ends or you can purchase this Popcorn tea on the Teapigs website here

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