Adding Sparkle to New Year’s Eve.

 A few days before New Year’s Eve I did a little shopping and picked out this outfit, it’s become a bit of a tradition of mine to always buy something new and special to wear on Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, so this is what I chose for New Years.

jk - Copy



Black on black with a touch of gold sparkle was the look I chose. This black and gold bodysuit I’m wearing reminds me of the sky at night filled with tiny little stars, sparkling in the distance. It’s perfect for New Year’s Eve or any night time event.


A good clutch bag is always a New Year’s Eve essential, and what I love about this one of mine is that it got a longer strap so it doubles as a clutch or just an ordinary handbag.


For make up, I did a classic red lip with a silver glitter sparkle on the eye to compliment the diamantes in the Invaluable star ring.


Blazer Jacket: “Bitten” by Sarah Jessica Parker
Bodysuit: Mr Price
Asymmetric skirt: Cotton On
Handbag: Edgars
Heels: Forever 21

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