Pantene’s Brand New Look

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Last week I attended Pantene’s #ShineStrong event for their launch of their new revolutionary formula. It was an inspiring afternoon with talks from trend analyst Nicola Cooper, chairman of Associated Media Publishing, Jane Raphaely and doctor John Gray who is qualified in Medicine from St George’s Hospital in London.

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Hair Care Expert, Dr. John Gray explained that levels of copper ions and other minerals are found naturally in all sources of water. These erode the hair’s vital protein layer via oxidation damage that eventually leads to ‘holes in hair’, a condition termed “Protein-Porosis”, which causes hair strands to become brittle, and more prone to breakage. Minerals found in tap water, which are good for our body actually have a negative effect on our hair over time.

Pantene’s new revolutionary formula is set to be your greatest beauty asset, and is the world’s first clinically proven shampoo with damage blockers. The new Pantene Pro-V formula allows you to have it all thanks to anti-oxidant ‘Damage Blockers’ that actively target, capture and neutralize the minerals found in tap water. It also provides intense moisturisation and is the first of its kind in a world-wide breakthrough to repair hair at a molecular level.


With continued use of the new shampoo, damage-causing mineral impurities are neutralized and the hair’s condition will improve over time. Pantene Brand Manager, Sara Reith says the consumer can also look out for an entire product upgrade that will include the newest Pantene Pro-V formula. So be sure to keep an eye out for the new pantene bottles with the Pro-V formula and prepare to #Shinestrong

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