Red My Lips


The first of April marked the beginning of the 3rd annual Red My Lips campaign. Red My Lips is an international nonprofit organization that uses red lipstick as a weapon and a tool to raise awareness about sexual violence, combat rape myths and victim-blaming, and demonstrate solidarity and support for all survivors.

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Supporters, which they like to call ‘Warriors,’ wear red lipstick all throughout April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) to raise awareness and funds. This is not about VANITY. It’s about VISIBILITY. (Kind of like Movember…minus the brilliantly creepy ‘staches.)

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Spread the word that rapists are responsible for rape…not drinking, short skirts, or makeup. Sexual violence is not a woman’s issue. It is a human issue. It affects us ALL.

Don’t want to wear lipstick? You can still participate!

Since the symbol is red lips, supporters are encouraged to incorporate red lips is some (visible) way. Here are some favourite alternatives:

— Ask a loved one to give you a red lipstick kiss and leave it on your face each day. (Ask one time and respect their answer. This is a great opportunity to practice consent!)

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— Wear a RML temporary tattoo (if you have one)

— Paint one nail red or (better yet!) paint red lips on your nails! See tutorial here.


— Wear clothes or accessories that have red lips or lip prints on them.


— Print a large picture of red lips and put it on the back window of your car with the words “Red My Lips” and the website.
— Wear red lipstick for a photo and set it as your profile pic, making sure to link to the cause.
— Leave a lipstick print on your dog and take them for a walk.



To learn more about the RML organization and get involved, check out: You can also find them on Instagram and Twitter @redmylipsorg. And don’t forget to tag @redmylipsorg in your RML pics and use the hashtag: #redmylips!

You can donate here –>
Become a Fundraiser Here –>

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