Flower crowns by Lisa

Photo 08.03.15 17 13 00

A friend of mine suggested that I get serious about this flower crown making hobby of mine, she was like “we could take orders and you could make them for special events and they’d be so beautiful” and it’s so funny at how people seem to love something I do for fun and are willing to pay money for it….

No, I haven’t started a flower crown making business (yet !) but I have started an instagram account called FlowerCrownsByLisa. All of the crowns I make are made with fresh flowers, so the flower crown only lasts about day before the flowers start to wilt, but for that one day it really is the most beautiful accessory to wear on your head. My new instagram account will post pictures of all my flower crown creations and I’ve started captioning posts with cute little flower quotes (which has been so much fun).

Recently, I created these two flower crowns, one for me and one for Andrea, each suited to our personalities. It was a Sunday of blowing bubbles and barefoot laughter in the afternoon sun.

Photo 08.03.15 16 36 37
Photo 08.03.15 16 47 22
Photo 08.03.15 16 47 46Photo 08.03.15 16 54 57Photo 08.03.15 16 54 28Photo 08.03.15 16 50 50Photo 08.03.15 16 51 39Photo 08.03.15 16 55 02

Photo 08.03.15 17 23 07
You can watch my video below:

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