Autumn, My Love.


Autumn is my favourite because I love wearing knee socks and drinking hot chocolate, and I love waking up to the rain. I’ve made a list of some other lovely autumn things:

If I could wear this every day, I would. Flannel shirts, knee socks, and combat boots.. It’s the dream. I love wearing layers and feeling comfortable but still keeping an edgy style. I also really love sparkly cardigans, bright colored tights, and cute beanies.

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Braid crowns are the ultimate effortless hairstyle. So effortless that it looks even better if you’re feeling lazy the next morning. Once you’ve braided your hair and pinned it into place, make sure to use some hairspray. The next day you can finger-comb out messy waves to wear with a winter hat, or leave your hair in the slept-in crown which will have the perfect combination of structure and some wispy pieces. Effortless hair paired with a dark lip and your favourite mascara? Goals.

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Dark lipstick is a compulsory event in autumn. My favorite maroon is Accesorize Infatuated, and the plum I love most is Cutting Edge by Rimmel. A holy grail lipgloss that lisa and I are always wearing is the Topshop Velvet Gloss in the color Lotus Flower.

I love to match my nails the autumn leaves. Hey Gorgeous does a plum called Purple Haze, Topshop does a deep yellow called Tumeric which I am madly in love with, and Essence does a sparkly red called A Hint Of Love. Any gold glitter nailpolish is an autumn dream, too.

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Bubble baths are such a great way to relax. Bath time is the perfect time to light scented candles, catch up on the book you’re reading and do a hair mask. We’re all in love with Lush bubble bars and face masks, even if only because they’re so insta-worthy. Mr Price sells a wide range of candles scented like vanilla, cranberry, coconut and cinnamon. I found this really cute illustration of a hair mask that makes my hair soft and gives it the perfect amount of shine. Getting out of the bath and using my favourite body butter is the greatest feeling. I’m currently in love with everything cocoa butter, which leaves my skin silky soft with a light chocolate scent.

Have a lovely autumn everyone!

Words by Guest Writer: Andrea

     Follow her on twitter: @enchantedhappy
or read her blog: Enchantedhappy

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