5:2 Skin Diet (No Make-Up Challenge)


Yip, that’s me without make up, now lets get on with the blogpost…

I have a love hate relationship with going out without makeup on, it’s not that I need makeup to feel confident (although let me say here that makeup does give me a little confidence boost) but I genuinely enjoy putting on makeup in the mornings. I love picking out my eyeshadow and deciding which mascara to wear. I love trying out different shades of blusher and playing around with contouring. But hearing about this no makeup challenge and all it’s benefits, got thinking. Maybe giving up makeup wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world?

You may have heard of the 5:2 diet (2014’s most popular weight loss diet in the UK) where you eat normally five days a week and then fast for two days. The 5:2 skin diet adopts the same strategy, ie: going without makeup for two days a week. Experts say that taking a few days off from wearing makeup promotes skin-cell turnover and regeneration, resulting in glowier, younger-looking skin. It also helps skin “detox” from potentially irritating/drying chemicals and buildup that can lead to breakouts.

 “Loading up on pore-clogging cosmetics makes it more difficult for your skin to maintain its delicate pH balance. By cutting out those potentially breakout-inducing products, your complexion will have the chance to heal itself naturally. Think of it as spring cleaning sesh for your skin!” – skincare expert Indie Lee 

This concept has also gotten people talking about adjusting daily makeup routines, for instance when you’re on a diet you don’t eat healthy food for two days and then go back to eating junk food for the rest of the time, if you did that you wouldn’t see a difference. I know for me there are days where I probably don’t need concealer but I find a spot to put it on anyway and this is something to think about, do I really need all that make up on my face? Maybe instead of foundation, concealer and fixing powder, I should just skip the first two steps and go straight to the fixing powder?

I recently watched Claudia Sulewski’s video for teen vouge and she chats about the no makeup challenge and does a great little tutorial at the end, it’s worth the watch. So the question now is…are you up for the challenge?

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