Pantene Pro-V – Week 4 Review

PANTENE Logo_Gotham Lockup


It’s been a month of good hair days all thanks to Pantene’s new Pro-V formula. I have to admit that when I attended the launch of Pantene’s new range of shampoo and conditioner, I was a bit skeptical because it sounded almost too good to be true. When you think of damaged hair you think it’s because of heat and constant flat ironing, but I never considered what tap water could be doing to my hair and if that could be something that was actually damaging it. I’ve gotta say that after using the new and improved Pantene formula for the past four weeks I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my hair.


Fly away hairs, static and frizz was no longer a problem for me, the winning micro smooth formula promises to give you the smoothest, sleekest flowing hair all day long while blocking out humidity and it does exactly that! Available in both a convenient 2-in-1 and as a comprehensive set, the range gives a satin smooth finish in minutes. While the new pro-v formula with water damage blockers, helps your hair to look healthier and feel stronger, with minimal breakage and split ends.

The Smooth and Sleek Shampoo, is a rich shampoo what works with the hair’s structure to silken each strand while the Smooth and Sleek Conditioner (applied after shampooing) enhances sleekness. The Smooth and Sleek 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner formula cleans, nourishes and smoothes hair all in one easy step.


I guess the only thing I have to complain about this range, is the fact that no other shampoo will be the same now that I’ve seen the results of a shampoo with water damage blockers. I’m also happy to report that the shampoo and conditioner aren’t finished, so these little bottles should last you just over a month.

It’s been so much fun being a part of this Pantene Blogger trail, you can read my week 1, week 2 and week 3 reviews if you missed it, and I can highly recommend that you go out and purchase a bottle of Pantene’s new and improved shampoo and conditioner (R42.99 each) so that you can try it out for yourself and see the difference. 


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