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Hi I’m Lisa, PR girl by day and writer for Lipstick Lifestyle by night. I’m a lipstick lover and spend most of my time drinking tea and dreaming about pizza. I’m always on the look out for the best sale or the next fun thing to do around Cape Town. I’m a dog person but I appreciate the cuteness of cats on the internet. I’m vegetarian (on most days).  I believe make-up is an art and every day is a chance to show how talented of an artist you are. I’m basically a girly girl, but try not to call me that.

Red lipstick for confidence, pink lipstick for flare. Short skirts for Saturday night, maxi skirts for Saturday afternoon. Cappuccino not just regular coffee. Coke lite not coke zero. Hair down for weekends, hair up for work.

Just living the Lipstick Lifestyle.

One thought on “About

  1. Haha an amazing profile. I’m right behind you on the lipstick adoration, and you just made me proud by selecting Lite over Zero 😀 Yaay for cappuccino!

    With warm regards from Kenya, please go on. 🙂

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